Please use the slider below to show us how old you think the average 70year old feels. We have areal answer to this with some extensive research we did with British public so the person who gets the closest will get a bottle of Fizz courtesy of the OZone!!
  • 50

Exercise 2:

Below is a list of Televisions programmes. by clicking the relevant star for each programme, please tell whether you love the programme, you think its OK but you don't love it, or its really not your thing/you don't even know it

  Love Think its OK Not really my thing I do not know this program

     The Office

     Dr Who

     Channel 4 news


     BBC news

     BBC breakfast show

     Britain’s Youngest Undertaker

     Emmerdale Farm


     The X Factor

     Big Borther

     Coronation Street

     Spring Watch


     Fat Families

     I’m a Celebrity

     Strictly Come Dancing

     The Simpsons

We'd like to know a bit more about hold you feel, irrespective of how old you actually are. With that in mind, please could you complete the following statements:
  • years old
  • years old
  • years old
  • years old
  • years old