Acumonitor is a unique data verification tool for use within the market research industry. Designed by fieldworkers, it is an automated system, designed to verify the details of market research participants.

Using a complex algorithm, Acumonitor checks the details of new respondents against a database, ensuring that there are no duplicate or fraudulent records, monitoring previous group history, and providing real-time status updates.

Acumonitor’s Main Features:

  •  Checks new respondents against our vast database
  •  Using complex algorithms to assess the data
  •  Verifies respondent address details
  •  Ensures there are no fraudulent records
  •  Confirms there are no duplicate records
  •  Monitors previous group history
  •  All in real-time updates

Acumonitor comes with a proven record of success. Having been used in Acumen Fieldwork and Research Opinions since 2009, the system has been tested and developed to the extent that fraudulent and serial respondents have all but been eliminated from their research projects.

In the first year alone, the system validated the details of over 18,000 respondents; flagging approximately 20% of those as being serial attendees or potentially fraudulent. This is a problem which is endemic in the market research industry and one which has not been successfully resolved in spite of many initiatives. Acumonitor can change that.

As the only system of its kind, Acumonitor promises to not only improve the recruitment standards of suppliers, once they are aware this sort of validation is in place, but also decreases the likelihood of any undesirable respondents attending projects and damaging the reputation of your business.

If you would like to discuss how Acumonitor could help with your fieldwork or recruitment needs, please call 0161 234 9940 and ask to speak to Abi Fuller. Alternatively you can email